Monday, October 11, 2010

Sup ?

Poop day, had my assignments turned in but felt like " I WANT TO GET OUTTA HERE NOW " ... you know what im saying? then i had a test ... that i didnt study too much for... and got a 45% ... yay me right? ... -.-' time to change up my study schedule ... read the chapters every day, 3 days before each test... + homework/assignments... ugh... -.- I want a cookie cake... or some toast... with jam.

was your day better then mine? i bet you cant beat it! yay sarcasm through text! wheeee.


  1. Probably. Did some work for college. Did some blogging. Surfed the webs. Just riding the waves, man. Just going with the flow.

  2. Yeah I had a good day. did some drawing
    Sounds stressful man, I'm glad I have no homework

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  4. no my cum guzzling gutter slut of a landlord pissed me off so my day sucked to