Monday, October 18, 2010

Sup with card games?

We all once upon a time had some form of trading cards either baseball cards, pokemon, yu gi oh, or even magic the gathering. Sure there are other types, but these are off the top of my head =P. I currently play Magic the gathering and yu gi oh as a hobby to clear my mind of stressful school related activities. Anyways, anybody who knows anybody who is serious about these card games knows that these games can get pretty intense. I from time to time get serious and I personally think that these games should be taken seriously if your playing. If your not serious then your play style is sloppy and perfected resulting in you getting your butt handed to you by a 14yr old. Games will always have serious players and even tournaments for them. Tournaments usually mean prizes and prizes usually bring a lot of competition. =P I plan on going to one once I get the cards I need. Here is my deck list/potential deck, still tweaking the deck around.

Cardname/Cards needed
Captivating Vampire/4
Gatekeeper of Malakir/4
Kalastria Highborn/4
Malakir Bloodwitch/2
Pulse Tracker/4
Doom Blade/4
Marsh Casualties/4
Mind Sludge/2
Urge to feed/4
Bladed the Bloodchief/3
Feast of Blood/4
Vampire Hexmage/4
Vampire Lacerator/4
Vampire Nocturnus/4
Viscera Seer/4
Marsh Flats/2
Verdant Catacombs/4

This just a rough but refined list of what I had before... lol give me feedback if you played magic or any trading card game.

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