Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sup with writing ?

Writing to me is the trip to and from a restaurant with people.

Before starting the journey I feel puzzled.

I look for excuses before I get going.

I procrastinate on deciding where to go.

Delay preparations for the voyage.

I browse the web for a menu of ideas.

Stressful beginnings take off.

Ideas irrelevant to my future flood my mind.

Progress seems out of reach.

Finally sit down at a table and skim through the menu.

I know what I want.

Overwhelmed with thoughts, ideas pour onto paper.

I watch the waiters deliver food.

The smells of ideas around me organize my stomach.

Food arrives, I dig in. Success waits for me.

Assignment was to write an extended metaphor... poem thing ... and i wrote about what writing is to me but connecting it to a restaurant.

gimme feedback =)


  1. Sometimes travel can be very heavy ;P

  2. lol I tossed this together in about 40 min. and I was hungry lol...