Thursday, November 4, 2010


... I have to write a 3 page 750+ word essay on how living alone brings it rewards... I posted the story earlyer on... but damn this essay IS KILLING ME!...

This is what I have so far....

Solitaire IRL (In real life)
May Sarton believes a solitary lifestyle brings its own rewards. Being alone gives you time to explore your inner self whereas being in a group of friends or with a loved one distorts your reactions and emotions. Being alone also gives you space needed to be you verses being with somebody and sharing the experience. Although living on your own may or may not be an experience you have come across like May Sarton, living a solitary lifestyle can bring its own rewards. Some of these rewards include opportunities to find your true identity, space to experience life at its fullest, and an atmosphere that's less chaotic.
There is always a starting point and an ending point you just have to start, and a great way to start with finding your inner self would be to just grab a book or an Ipod and think while you read or listen. Thinking doesn't require a lot of time or effort just recall your actions and reflect back on your previous actions. Organize your actions into categories and then find your faults and mistakes. Give yourself time to collect your thoughts look at your achievements compare them to your faults. Your overall experiences should cancel each other out and from there you will be able to answer this question “Who am I?” When you don't know who you really are, you become a slave to your feelings, constantly reacting to them and becoming confused when they change. Thinking to yourself rather than living off of your feelings will give you a solid foundation that remains the same no matter how changing circumstances affect your feelings. When you trust yourself, you'll experience lasting peace that will guard your heart and mind in any situation.
When your living with another person your space is shared, split, entwined. When your alone you are entitled to experience everything yourself without distortions from anybody else. You do not have to worry about what the other person is thinking or wither or not they approve, the experience is yours. Give your experiences your undivided attention and realize something else is there. You must first recognize that you are alone and learn to live without somebody with you. Every breath you take is yours alone and unshared with anybody. Once you learn how to be alone you will no longer be chained to the desperate need to keep a person in your life. If you cannot handle the thought of being alone you will always be in a position of weakness in your relationships. However, once you learn how to be alone and truly enjoy it you’ll be able to negotiate your relationships from a position of strength knowing that you can end it and be okay.

wanna give me feedback? criticize on anything, aslong as i get an A on the paper, im happy